Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial Protection

A more effective way to achieve lasting disinfection.



The unique formula in Bacoban protects surfaces, making them easier to clean. It is specially designed to release a new layer of protection each time the surface is touched, providing lasting disinfection.



Bacoban residual antimicrobial effect creates a smooth, clear coating, making regular cleaning easier. As each layer wears off with normal use, new molecules of disinfectant are released to provide additional protection.



Using a highly innovative and unique ‘controlled release’ mechanism, Bacoban closes the hygiene gap, protecting the treated surface from microbial growth and virtually eliminating cross contamination between disinfection periods.

Comprehensive Protection

The science of disinfection is rapidly evolving as advances in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology are being made.

New products are emerging to meet the technological, political and environmental dimensions of modern day demands.

Fighting Cross-Infection

Bacoban is one such product which leads the way in the new generation of disinfectants.

The main aim was to develop a surface disinfectant that not only disinfects but also guarantees a long-lasting effect until the next disinfection.

Ideal for all Environments

Bacoban closes the hygiene gap that arises between disinfection cycles. This allows for active infection control for an extended period. Moreover Bacoban reduces odors caused by bacteria.

The Problem

Covid-19 and other pathogens have been proven to survive for days, even weeks, on hard surfaces like steel, wood, glass, plastic and paints. Regular disinfectants lose their efficacy in just seconds!

  • … which means that by the time you finish sanitising any environment, viruses and other pathogens are already settling where you started.
  • Soft or absorbent surfaces like paper, cardboard, curtains, carpets, furniture, cushions, curtains, corporate wear and staff overalls, cloth and fabrics can so easily end up damaged by regular disinfectants!
  • … and still not be sterile for even a couple of minutes, if at all!

Bacoban Application Environments

  • Health & Fitness
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Food & Catering
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Office Spaces & Banks
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Private & Public Transport
  • Malls & Retail Environments
  • House & Home
  • Industry

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